D Blais

Help when you need it at an honest price. Several days before visiting Rapid City, we experienced a “burnt wire” smell in the cabin of our F-150 truck whenever the the AC/Heater blower was on. Concerned that running the blower while driving might melt wires and cause a fire, we had to motor cross country without a heater or air conditioning. Stopping in Rapid City for several days, we sought help from local Ford dealers who were too busy to help us out.
We turned to Mark’s Auto Repair and the response was nothing short of amazing. Knowing that we could only stay in Rapid City for a few days,  Mark who specializes in diagnosing electrical problems, quickly found the cause of the burnt wire smell and was able to obtain the part overnight, even though local Ford dealers did not stock it.
We were able to continue our RV road trip on schedule and the charge for parts and labor were more than fair. Thank you Mark’s Auto Repair, you saved our vacation.